Friday, March 2, 2012

Creator Owned Day

The 1st of March is Creator Owned Day.

I never knew there was one before. By the time that I wrote this, the date has passed on my side of the world but somewhere I think it still is the 1st of March. So I guess my post here is still valid. Right?

I don't see much action regarding the matter on my facebook page, except for posts by Steve Niles, Tony Harris and a few indie comic artists. Maybe it's still an early 1st of March for the other large part of the world that I'm following.


So, here's my post for Creator Owned Day;

This is Mila.
From the first look of her with the creatures, I'm guessing you are thinking that she is the female rip-off of The Darkness, the daughter of Jackie Estacado or whatever. Well, she's not! Haha!
She's one of those orphans who choose their own names and surnames, in a (yet again) post-apocalyptic not too distant future earth. Revealing her full name now would ruin the plans I have for her in the story she's involved in. What I can tell you now is that her initials are M.B.I, she is 14 years old and those creatures are her offsprings.

Mila is one of the characters for a story, that is yet to be named, in my effort to do teen/shonen mangas.

P.s: It's Mila B_ _ _ _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _ _ _. ;)

P.p.s: If you noticed more than one grammar mistake, ignore them!

Edit/update : I might have misinterpreted the whole Creator Owned Day thing, but Mila is my character and I own her, so I might as well just go with it anyway!
::lol-ed with a sad face::

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