Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Pergh's Character Redesign Battle 132 : Captain America

Don't pay any mind to my INaccurate and IMproper namings that started with the letter I. Thats just me goofing around. Uhuh-huh.. ~

This time around, I managed to "capture" one of many's star artist, Mr. amykamen555 to pour his experienced touch of colors to my hollow scratching. I am truly honored. Hope you guys love this piece as much as i do.

Entry title : Captain 'Innocent'

"When Steve Rogers died, he went to hell...and that, was not a coincidence. The Prince of Darkness recognizes his skills and ability to lead. It is rumored, even in the deepest pitts of hell, that Steve Rogers will be the perfect candidate to be the leader of hell's army..the ultimate Hellspawn..
Now, sent back to earth, he was assigned under the Israeli's government for further training. Only after he graduated from them then he will have full control over the armies of hell and thus, wage the war of wars against humanity.
Untill then, he is now, unwillingly, horribly named.. Captain Israel."

The inky part...

Got another collaboration with Mr. amykamen555 coming up next...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Pergh's Character Redesign Battle 131 : Iron Monger

Well, I guess you guys already knew of Obadiah Stane a.k.a Iron Monger from the now classic Iron Man movie. I don't really read a lot of Iron Man comics, and the name 'Iron Monger' is a little distant to me, not like the usual Whirlwind, The Living Lazer or Crimson Dynamo.
(Or the name/character just eluded me for some twisted and uncanny reason.) <-- lame excuse for not knowing things~

Without further a due, here's my depiction of Iron Monger in the "battle"..with big help, colorwise, by Mr. Alif Artik..

Entry title : Iron & Tank Vendor
..and this is the inked-before-color part..
A nudge from Alif asking for a collaboration really got me excited. Thanks, man!

p/s : I still got much to work on my perspective..hmmmm...


Pergh's Character Redesign Battle 122 : Sol Badguy

I'm gonna do this without a mention on my 2 months of no, just bare with me if you can. :areallycutesmileyface:

This is a character re-design of Sol Badguy. A character which in my circle is quite famous actually in the Guilty Gear game, but not to to I am not a games addict...yet.
So, don't blame me for my shallow interpretation of this guy, ok?
(Truth is, i'm still annoyed by his name..ahahaha..)

Enuff meaningless typing to self, and here it is, done with pencil and ink..

Entry title : "Sol, ko jangan ingat ko sorang je jahat.."

..and this is Chiko's color version of it ;

A great many thanks and appreciation to Chiko for his support and effort. Although this colored version didn't make it to the poll, his talent and 'coloring spirit' are really inspiring.

p/s : I can't wait for another colaboration with this guy!