Friday, November 4, 2011

Kajang Pak Malau...

Another coloring job I did, for a Mr. Mohd Syahrin. Maybe I overdone it a little, but I still think it as a good practise. I'll try something simpler next time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I never really ink and color others work before. Not one that I can consider a finished piece, that is. But here I am, I have inked and colored a piece by the talented Mr. Kevin Thomas whom I knew from a forum on facebook. I was really tempted to see an inked version of his animation styled rendering of Wolverine so I guess I just automatically raised my hand when he asked me if I want to do it.

Original pencils...

Digital 'inking'...

Digital color...

Neat, huh!? ;p

Go Wonderfunders!

This is a page (page 8 to be exact) that I colored for a 13 page webcomic called Captain Curmudgeon and the Cheese of Retribution of

It's a teamwork effort and I needed the exercise.

You can see other pages here. Check 'em out and see for yourself(ves). ;)