Sunday, December 25, 2011


This, my good people of the internet, is Equitem. A co-creation by me and the young and gifted man of words, Mr. Neil Burke. Equitem is, umm, let me quote Neil's description of him on facebook, ".. the deadliest Catholic in the world, the man who makes Chuck Norris cry.." That is all I can tell you about this character for the time being. ;D

Seeing Equitem, along with a few other pending projects I have with me, published, should be my aim for 2012. That, and be financially stabil again. Lots to do before the world ends!

Filtered with PS' poster edges version. Man, I love poster edges!

The colo(u)r test. Still not quite sure with the lines on his body.

Hopefully 2012 will be an excellent year for the three of us.

Friday, December 23, 2011

In the midst of chaos...

The last page to Wonderfunders' first comic jam where I did the colors.
The jam is officially finished and you can read it here. Wish I could spend more time on things such as this and my own projects, but...awheck! I'll just give more excuses! It's do or don't, right? ;)