Friday, April 30, 2010


First of all, i'd ike to say i'm sorry to myself (and everyone that i need to apologize..) that i left this/my blog un-updated for a month long...hehe, since my workplace changed management, i got a little distracted and caught up in work....and stuffs at home...
Ok, on with the!!

Pergh's Character Redesign Battle 112: DARTH MAUL

There were only 2 connections i can make with this character to other established ones. I think due to lack of paying attention or my memory is getting worse by the day..anyway, one is Gambit from the Xmen and Son Goku of Dragonball. I connected them thru the stick (or bo staff) they are carrying. Sounds stupid right? Ok, stop, dont judge me, please. Hahaha... Hey, even before Zombieland, i've always held on to "Its the little things..." hmmmm...nuff said lah..
see u sometime later..

Oh, i added something that i quite regret for the battle, Goku's hair for Go-Maul..
don't know what i was thinking then..hmmmpff!!

Maybe i was too excited in doing digital coloring n stuff...
hmmm, still got much to learn...