Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's been a week already??? Time really flies when you got much on your head and your hand doesn't it? Anyway, on with the pathetic show shall we?

Another character meant for my so-called proposed comic.
He's one of the freak of nature in the storyline that's got the "freaky" look..
The zip on his hoodie doesn't seem quite right..or is it his right chest?
And the goat's/devil's head on his pants shouldn't be's just awful!

I'm starting to feel embarrassed about what i'm doing here...
I don't know, maybe it's just a phase..
But the hell i won't give up now!!
"GO GO GO GO!!! " i said to myself..
in a sad, crappy tone...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CHERI and pet(s).

This Cheri is one of the characters i created for the postponed comic i talked about yesterday...the first one was my attempt in trying to draw a cute girl, not so successful...but the second one i think is better...but that's my personal opinion only..hehe..
I can't really decide what is her 'real' pet would be..the 1st one is supposed to be a leopard..or tiger..huhuh..and the 2nd one looked more like a fox rather than a wolf..;p...
Anyway, since i decided that Cheri's specialty is kinda related to animals, lets have her with a collection of pets!!
That'd be cool, rite?!
(..put the word "cliche'"aside..;D..)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


A few years back, i tried to do an 8 page "manga-ish" comic to submit to Gempak (if you know about the Bakat Baru or The New Talent thing thats going on'd be easier for me ;p)..but it seems that laziness, time and my surroundings kept holding me back..(yeah, blame it on everybody..haha.. T-T)..

Seriously, at that time, i don't think i'm ready..theres much to learn and to think about..but thinking too much won't get you nowhere..wahaha..[ i'm still struggling to just do without excessive thinking -just like when i'm typing these words, it took forever! huuuhh..]

So, here it is, the unfinished thing :
(again?!->see PawaPuffedGrr ;p)

p/s: Positive insults are encouraged.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Its been a week since i last posted anything here..
haha, busy giving the fullest of my attention to my new super-special "someone", dear baby boy!!...born on the 13th, and up to this day, i/we haven't actually decided what his name will be...oops, sorry..thats for me to worry..hehe..

Lets get on with the blog posting thing shall we?

This is also one of my inking eksperiments, but this time i took Mr. John Romita Jr's style as my guide...the result was not as familiar as his works, but still, i think i might have learned something from this exercise..

Friday, February 12, 2010


Intensionnally (<-did i spelled it right?), this character was for my version 2 of Mighty Riders, but he haven't got the chance to show his ugly mug on the pages... so, i might use him for other things..

(hmmm...this post needs some editing..)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tried to do some clean inking..which is not much to describe..and, with a little character story written with pencil..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

13 YEARS++ GAP...

Marvel, DC and Image got one of their own archer guy character, guys such as Hawkeye, Green Arrow and basically, this BUSURR (name subject to change..) guy, is my version of an archer character..
The first time i drew him was on November '96, and looking at it today, i felt like drawing him again just to see how i go..with a blue lead pencil, i sketched him up for about 40minutes(..i'm getting old i tell you..)
..and here he is, BUSURR 2010 without much change in costume nor design..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The Commando"

It's been a few days since i last posted..after a quick and a not too thorough search thru my things/stuffs..i found more of my old school animation project..yep, that stupid stiff awkward thing in my earlier post..okay, it's not an animation, all i achieved in doing was a version of an animatic..
so here's some of it..the sketches..which were also used as the main/final thing.. ;p

Monday, February 1, 2010


A re-design battle (my ex-company thing) entry that was not submitted due you can's progress..

errrrr....xtau nak cakap ape....

That's why i can't be a writer... i get writers block all the time, if they were ideas, i'd be rich by now...hehe...