Tuesday, May 18, 2010


While i'm still struggling to put colors to my own sketches, a friend offered himself to color one of them. Feeling honored, i blessed and waited impatiently for him to finish...and i have to say, the wait was not in vain, for Chiko have done a really great job!!
So here, i would love to express my appreciation for Chiko who had sacrificed his valuable time in coloring my sweet Cheri...and her pet of course..hehe..thank you Chiko. :)

Oh, did i mentioned that i got all fired-up to do digital coloring on my own after seeing this piece?? Hehe.. ;D "Hip-hip-hooray for Chiko!!!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Pergh's Character Redesign Battle 113: ULTRASEVEN

Ok, this is my second digitally colored work for CRB, and lost another 5 hours of sleep on the night before i submit it.
Up to now my head keeps replaying the opening song of Ultraman Ace, over and over again...uhhhh...
In regard of that song, i got the idea of making it like the opening...err, thing, on almost all of Ultraman series (i think...). The ones where it shows the silhouette of that week's monster and title of the episode.
Besides Sketchpro, this time i also used Photoshop for some... "enhancement"...