Saturday, February 11, 2012


The word 'irony' came to mind at first, but....hmmm...

At the moment, there are discussions almost everywhere on the internet (?) regarding Jack Kirby, Gary Friedrich, Tony Moore/Kirkman, Gaiman/McFarlane, to name a few. All of which concerning the issue of creators' rights.

Assuming those who read this post already know what I'm talking about (though I've typed a lot originally for this post), I think I'll just skip the hullabaloo and say things I wanted to say as simple as I can.


So, here's MY.. oh sorry, my bad, I meant MARVEL's Daredevil that I just got it colored recently. An old piece actually.

And here now IS one of MY creation, named CHA-NUA, one of the antagonist for a story that I had to postpone its completion/production till I write better. Either that, or find a writer.

Cropped from a panel of a page. Just itching to get him colored.

Oh, yeah! Now I remember!
Irony; Daredevil, Cha-Nua, "Seeing red!"...sheesh..

Before I forget, I just got to let this one out.


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